Wines for MARVELOUS people!

Made with sun-drenched grapes from the South of France, MARVAL wines have been specially crafted to bring deliciousness, excitement and convenience right to your glass.

You are MARVELOUS and we thought it was time you had a wine celebrating you!

We picked singular grapes (hello Colombard) from our sunny vineyards in the South of France and blended them to craft unique and delicious wines.

But we’re keeping it casual. Because we want to keep the focus on you. You deserve a drink that’s just as amazing as you. Fun, smart, beautiful, classy, savvy, handy, witty, creative, sweet, cheeky, bright, daring, elegant, subtle, sophisticated, sexy… and all that.

Our winemakers have been working extra hard to create wines with the perfect combination of sweet & sassy, bold & suave, chic & friendly to matches your Marvelousness.

Our Wines

French wines with all the taste and none of the attitude — view selection below. Take our "Find Your Match” quiz to discover the perfect MARVAL wine pairing for your every plan!

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